NAU acts as your outsourced specialist claims department/adjuster. We will deal with your claim in the most economical way and if required engage surveyors/experts. We will review all details and advise you on the best ways to mitigate the loss and defend the claim. In summary, we will

  • Focus on defence and gather evidence
  • Ascertain the possible exposure at the beginning of the incident
  • Maintain close contact with all parties to ensure that all steps are taken to properly mitigate the loss.
  • Look at recovery aspects and that all rights are properly preserved
  • Negotiate settlement on best terms to avoid legal costs
  • If claim proceeds to court, assist lawyers in defending the matter.

Our services are meant for the following:

  • Transport Liability
    Transport Operators
  • Protection & Indemnity
    Ship-owners / Managers
    P&I Insurers
  • Hull & Machinery
    Ship-owners / Managers
    H&M Insurers

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