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STC - Logistics Service Providers

Standard Trading Conditions (“STC”)i,also known as General Conditions of Business, are standardized trading terms...

Jagan June 29, 2022

Container Issues – CY/CY & Detention

Although approx. 20%  of the seaborne cargo by tonnage is carried in container vessels,...

Jagan June 15, 2022

Maritime Arbitration - Wet Disputes

Dry shipping disputes generally relate to contractual breaches with respect to charter partiesi, contracts...

Jagan May 31, 2022

Diversity in Marine Insurance

The Late Sanjeev Bhandari was a doyen of the Marine Insurance field in India....

Jagan May 17, 2022

Bills of Lading - NVOCC's

A Bill of Lading (“B/L”) is perhaps the most important shipping document given that...

Jagan May 12, 2022

Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery (“COD”) is a common business termi used generally for the sale...

Jagan April 11, 2022

General Average – CMA CGM Libra and Rule D Defence

During one of the webinars we attended, the case of The CMA CGM Libra...

Jagan March 29, 2022

Standard Trading Conditions – Incorporation

We had earlier written another article on Standard Trading Conditions and which can be...

Jagan March 7, 2022

Which Dispute Resolution Process?

Disputes invariably arise in International business and which may be due to many factors...

Jagan February 16, 2022

Notice of Readiness

There have been enough tomesi written on Notice of Readiness (“NOR”) and the intention...

Jagan December 22, 2021