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Mis-Delivery of Cargo – Time Bar–2

The English High Court recently held in FIM Bank PLC v KCH Shipping Co.,...

Jagan November 25, 2022

Art X - Hague Visby Rules

The recent Marine Brief of Kennedysi provided an update of a Australian judgement (MV...

Jagan October 30, 2022

Arbitration - Low Value Claims

Shipping is an international business and with participants often from different nationalities, locations, and...

Jagan October 14, 2022

Art IX of the Hague Rules

The NCovid19 pandemic forced all of us to change the way we both worked...

Jagan September 30, 2022

Back to Basics – Contract of Carriage

Shipowners are invariably in a better bargaining position and able to incorporate various clauses...

Jagan September 14, 2022

Which Document to issue?

Unitization including containerization has allowed cargo to be moved seamlessly between various modes of...

Jagan August 29, 2022

Bills of Lading – Title to Sue

One of the functions of a Bill of Lading (“B/L”) is that it acts...

Jagan August 15, 2022

Cargo Liens for Unpaid Hire / Freight

We were involved, some time back, in a situation in which Owners held lien...

Jagan July 28, 2022

Container Operators – Equipment related claims

We have, off late, been seeing some claims related to refrigerated cargo arising due...

Jagan July 15, 2022

STC - Logistics Service Providers

Standard Trading Conditions (“STC”)i,also known as General Conditions of Business, are standardized trading terms...

Jagan June 29, 2022