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Webinar on Marine Insurance

Webinar on Marine Insurance conducted by SVKM's NMIMS on 03rd Sep 2021 and  which can be...

Jagan September 13, 2021

The Role of P&I / Claims Correspondent in Shipping Matters

Webinar conducted by Gujarat Maritime University on 06th Sep 2021 on the The Role of P&I...

Jagan September 8, 2021

The case of NTUC Foodfare Co-operative Ltd - Whether Singapore law is better or English law is preferable?

The easing of the Covid-19 restrictions on dining in meant that we can finally...

Jagan August 27, 2021

Shipper’s Liability - Bill of Lading

  This is a guest article written for Shipping and Freight Resource, an online...

Jagan August 15, 2021

The Ever-Given Mela – IV

This article is a continuation of our three earlier articles (The EVER-GIVEN Mela, The EVER-GIVEN...

Jagan August 5, 2021

CMM - SL Webinar on The X-Press Pearl Incident

We recently participated in the above webinar conducted by the Company of Master Mariners...

Jagan July 27, 2021

Abortive General Average

Recently, another major container casualty unfolded – the fire on board Xpress Pearl and...

Jagan July 14, 2021


This is the fourth guest article written by L M Mohamed Ismail1. We thank...

Jagan June 17, 2021


This article is a continuation of the earlier two articles we had written (The...

Jagan June 10, 2021


This article is a continuation of our earlier article, “The EVER-GIVEN Mela”. We have...

Jagan May 12, 2021