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General Average – Freight Forwarders & Containers

Liability of a Freight Forwarder / NVOCC for a General Average: We had the...

Jagan May 30, 2023

Insurable Interest - Marine Policies

The recent English Court of Appeali judgement has clarified the scope of cover in...

Jagan May 16, 2023

Bills of Lading & Letters of Indemnities

Letters of Indemnity are commonly used in the Shipping Industry for discharge and delivery...

Jagan April 30, 2023

ABS 1/10/83 – Indemnity or Contingency Policy?

There is very little literature on this class of business (loss of hire), at...

Jagan April 14, 2023

Delays – Container Shipments

Container shipments may be delayed due to various reasons, and which could include vessel...

Jagan March 10, 2023

Loss of or damage – does it include economic loss?

The Institute Cargo Clauses (1/1/82 & 1/1/09), the Institute Time Clauses Hulls (1/10/83 &...

Jagan February 13, 2023

General Average - Reasonableness

We were invited by the Gujarat Maritime Universityi to participate in a webinar conducted...

Jagan December 27, 2022

Mis-Delivery of Cargo – Time Bar–2

The English High Court recently held in FIM Bank PLC v KCH Shipping Co.,...

Jagan November 25, 2022

Art X - Hague Visby Rules

The recent Marine Brief of Kennedysi provided an update of a Australian judgement (MV...

Jagan October 30, 2022

Arbitration - Low Value Claims

Shipping is an international business and with participants often from different nationalities, locations, and...

Jagan October 14, 2022