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Agent or Principal

Many a times parties believe that they are acting in one specific role i.e....

Jagan June 29, 2024

Container Carriers - Issues

This article will touch on some of the issues faced by a Container Carrier...

Jagan May 30, 2024

Lessons from Baltimore - Risks and Claims

We thank the Madras Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to present our views...

Jagan May 27, 2024

Logistics Contracts – Arbitration

We recently participated in a talk on “Why is Arbitration important in Logistics” jointly...

Jagan April 30, 2024

Of Switch Bills of Lading

We had written earlier on this topic and our earlier articles can be seen...

Jagan March 18, 2024

The Star Antares – YAR 1994 or 2016?

In the “Star Antares” (Star Axe I LLC v Royal and Sun Alliance Luxembourg...

Jagan February 27, 2024

Limitation of Liability – is it really limitation?

Limitation of Liability (“LOL”) clauses are essential to any carriage / service contracts so...

Jagan February 13, 2024

The Midnight Clause

The focus on any business negotiation is to try and reach an agreement at...

Jagan December 24, 2023

Electronic Bills of Lading – 3

We had earlier published on Electronic Bills of Ladingi(“eB/L”) and our intention in publishing...

Jagan November 27, 2023

Arbitration for Liner Bills of Lading

We had the opportunity to present this paper at the recently concluded ICMA XXII...

Jagan November 14, 2023