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International Maritime Bureau NVO Register

The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) recently established a register for the voluntary registrationi...

Jagan October 31, 2020

Win the Battle & the War

Webinar conducted by Council for National and International Commercial Arbitration and CNICA Mediation Centre...

Jagan October 31, 2020

Indian Multimodal Transportation of Goods Bill 2017

We were recently advised that the Indian Govt is in the process of updating...

Jagan August 31, 2020

Indian Logistics Operators - Set Off

We recently participated in two webinars conducted by AMTOI on Bills of Lading and...

Jagan July 29, 2020

AMTOI & CAI Webinar on Claims related to Cargo and Errors & Omissions

Webinar conducted on 23rd July 2020 by Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India...

admin July 28, 2020

E-Bill of Lading: A way to Digital Transformation

Webinar conducted by My Logistics Gurukul on15th July 2020 on E-Bill of Lading: A way...

Jagan July 18, 2020

What comes first in a Transport Liability Policy - Limit or Deductible?

This question cropped up in a claim under a Transport Liability Policy in which...

Jagan June 25, 2020

AMTOI Webinar on Bills of Lading

Webinar conducted on 23rd June 2020 by Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India...

Jagan June 25, 2020

Bills of Lading – Electronic / Blockchain or Traditional methods?

Given the present lockdown in place due to N Covid19, cargo interests involved in...

Jagan May 27, 2020

Some thoughts on Average Disbursements Insurance

Average Disbursements Insurance (“ADI”) is a cover generally taken by Owners for General Average (“GA”)...

Jagan April 30, 2020