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Insurable Interest - Marine Policies

The recent English Court of Appeali judgement has clarified the scope of cover in...

Jagan May 16, 2023

Bills of Lading & Letters of Indemnities

Letters of Indemnity are commonly used in the Shipping Industry for discharge and delivery...

Jagan April 30, 2023

ABS 1/10/83 – Indemnity or Contingency Policy?

There is very little literature on this class of business (loss of hire), at...

Jagan April 14, 2023

Delays – Container Shipments

Container shipments may be delayed due to various reasons, and which could include vessel...

Jagan March 10, 2023

Loss of or damage – does it include economic loss?

The Institute Cargo Clauses (1/1/82 & 1/1/09), the Institute Time Clauses Hulls (1/10/83 &...

Jagan February 13, 2023

General Average - Reasonableness

We were invited by the Gujarat Maritime Universityi to participate in a webinar conducted...

Jagan December 27, 2022

Mis-Delivery of Cargo – Time Bar–2

The English High Court recently held in FIM Bank PLC v KCH Shipping Co.,...

Jagan November 25, 2022

Art X - Hague Visby Rules

The recent Marine Brief of Kennedysi provided an update of a Australian judgement (MV...

Jagan October 30, 2022

Arbitration - Low Value Claims

Shipping is an international business and with participants often from different nationalities, locations, and...

Jagan October 14, 2022

Art IX of the Hague Rules

The NCovid19 pandemic forced all of us to change the way we both worked...

Jagan September 30, 2022