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Fiduciary Duty in the Transportation Industry

This article discusses on the Fiduciary Duty of participants in the Transportation Industry at...

Jagan November 29, 2014

Would clausing the B/L “Container to be package for Limitation” be valid?

This article discusses on the effect of the clause "Container to be package for...

Jagan November 15, 2014

ICC Clause 4.6 application for Container Shipments

This article discusses on the exclusions available under Institute Cargo Clauses Cl.4.6, its implications...

Jagan November 1, 2014

Refrigerated Claims Handling

Presentation given on 16th Oct 2014 at the Maritime Knowledge Shipping Session 29 jointly...

Jagan October 17, 2014

Electronic Bills of Lading

This article discusses on Electronic Bills of Lading with reference to Paper Bills of...

Jagan September 10, 2014

Shipped on Board Date

This article discusses on the relevance of Shipped on Board Date and the date...

Jagan August 24, 2014

Standard Trading Conditions and its importance to Transport Operators

This article discusses on the importance of Standard Trading Conditions to International Transport Operators...

Jagan August 18, 2014

Switch Bills of Lading - Revisited

At the request of their customers, Carriers regularly issue Switch Bills of Lading. This...

Jagan August 10, 2014

Is limitation under the Hague Rules more generous than the Hague/Visby Rules?

This article discusses the limitation of liability available under the Hague and Hague/Visby Rules....

Jagan July 20, 2014

Issues to be considered when Container Operators become Slot Charterers

This article discusses in detail on the issues to be considered when a Container...

Jagan July 20, 2014