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Hague / Hague Visby Rules - Can limitation be denied?

The focus of the article is to consider the limitation entitlements available to Carriers...

Jagan May 15, 2017

Mediation for Shipping / Maritime Disputes

We recently attended two events in which there were serious and vigorous discussions on...

Jagan April 10, 2017

Insurance Act 2015 & Enterprise Act 2016 – did it change anything?

In our earlier article on “Pay to be Paid rule – An Anachronism?” we...

Jagan February 26, 2017

Are we ready for the next one?

Presentation given on the Subject "Insolvency in Shipping" at the Maritime Knowledge Shipping Session...

Jagan February 22, 2017

Pay to be Paid rule – An Anachronism?

This article will consider the effect of the “Pay to be Paid” rule found...

Jagan January 25, 2017

Interest & Cash Deposit - York Antwerp Rules

One of the changes in the York Antwerp Rules 2016 vis-à-vis the earlier Rules...

Jagan November 29, 2016

The Hanjin Debacle - 1

Hanjin’s bankruptcy has been in the limelight for quite some time. The management of...

Jagan September 28, 2016

The Hanjin Debacle - 2

This is a continuation of our earlier article “The Hanjin Debacle -1”. By way...

Jagan September 23, 2016

Risk Management - Cargo Surveying

Presentation given at IIMS Dubai on 19 Sep 2016

Jagan September 21, 2016

Arbitration for Liner Shipping

Presentation was given in Seminar on "Interfacing Shipping & Services" organised by Institute of...

Jagan August 30, 2016