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Knock for Knock and General Average

Legal Plus and International Malaysian Society of Maritime Law conducted the second Maritime Law...

Jagan November 30, 2017

Seller's Interest Insurance

This is the first guest article written by L M Mohamed Ismail1 and we...

admin November 12, 2017

General Average - Back to Basics - 2

The English Supreme Court, on 25th Oct 2017, provided its long awaited decision on...

Jagan October 31, 2017

Bailee’s Liability Insurance Policy

Introduction: We recently had an opportunity to discuss on Bailee liability policy with Mr...

Jagan September 29, 2017

Force Majeure revisited

The Indonesian Coal Mining Association and the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration jointly conducted...

Jagan August 28, 2017

General Average – Back to Basics

Following the judgement in The Longchamp (presently under appeal at the UK Supreme Court),...

Jagan August 3, 2017

Difference in Terms

Talk given at Lloyd’s Asia, Singapore - 12 July 2017 Marine Liability Policies are...

Jagan July 12, 2017

Transport Liability Claims Handling – Front Foot or Back Foot?

What is the best way to deal with a Transport Liability Claim? Should Carriers...

Jagan July 10, 2017

Confidentiality in Arbitration – boon or bane?

One of the advantages of Arbitration is that it is confidential in nature and...

Jagan May 31, 2017

LOI for Dummies

Presentation given to the Singapore Branch of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers on 24 May...

Jagan May 25, 2017