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Mis-delivery of cargo – Time bar

The Hague and Hague Visby Rules invariably apply to Bills of Lading as provided...

Jagan January 31, 2019

Mis-declared cargo

Much has been written on this topic1and we do not wish to discuss the...

Jagan December 27, 2018

Unhealthy / Fraudulent Practices in Shipping – way to combat them

We were delighted to speak on Fraudulent Practices in Shipping at the seminar WINDS OF CHANGE...

Jagan December 21, 2018

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance – General Average

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance (“K&R”) was originally developed to protect individuals when they visited...

Jagan November 22, 2018

Release of Cargo without presentation of Bills of Lading – TLO Cover

  The General Insurance Association of Singapore and Singapore Maritime Foundation regularly conduct talks...

Jagan October 27, 2018

York Antwerp Rules 2016 – Potential for further changes?

Due to the different practices in the adjustment General Average, there was clamor for...

Jagan August 27, 2018

Arbitration Clause in Liner Bills of Lading - is it workable?

While we remain convinced of the advantages of the use of Arbitration Clauses in...

Jagan July 31, 2018

Shipment information – should it be provided to 3rd parties?

We have been advised by our clients (Carriers / Operators involved in bulk and...

Jagan June 29, 2018

Underinsurance - Liability Policies

We were recently involved in a Transport Liability claim in which the claim exceeded...

Jagan May 29, 2018

Partial & Total Loss – Uninsured Cargo Interests

Our earlier article, Salvage & General Average – Uninsured Cargo Interests, did not touch...

Jagan April 25, 2018