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Unhealthy / Fraudulent Practices in Shipping – way to combat them

We were delighted to speak on Fraudulent Practices in Shipping at the seminar WINDS OF CHANGE...

Jagan December 21, 2018

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance – General Average

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance (“K&R”) was originally developed to protect individuals when they visited...

Jagan November 22, 2018

Release of Cargo without presentation of Bills of Lading – TLO Cover

  The General Insurance Association of Singapore and Singapore Maritime Foundation regularly conduct talks...

Jagan October 27, 2018

York Antwerp Rules 2016 – Potential for further changes?

Due to the different practices in the adjustment General Average, there was clamor for...

Jagan August 27, 2018

Arbitration Clause in Liner Bills of Lading - is it workable?

While we remain convinced of the advantages of the use of Arbitration Clauses in...

Jagan July 31, 2018

Shipment information – should it be provided to 3rd parties?

We have been advised by our clients (Carriers / Operators involved in bulk and...

Jagan June 29, 2018

Underinsurance - Liability Policies

We were recently involved in a Transport Liability claim in which the claim exceeded...

Jagan May 29, 2018

Partial & Total Loss – Uninsured Cargo Interests

Our earlier article, Salvage & General Average – Uninsured Cargo Interests, did not touch...

Jagan April 25, 2018

Salvage & General Average – Uninsured Cargo Interests

The past few weeks have been full of news on the fire in Maersk...

Jagan March 31, 2018

Developments in the Liner Industry

Some of the recent developments in the Liner industry are as follows: Block chain:...

Jagan February 27, 2018