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Force Majeure – Corona Virus

(gtag.js) The recent Wuhan Coronavirus will indeed be a stress test for many supply...

Jagan February 6, 2020

LC - Joker’s clause

Mr Ismail1 had earlier written on Seller's Interest Insurance and this is his secound...

admin December 9, 2019

Voyage Charters - Common Issues

This article focusses on some of the common issues faced in Voyage Charters, namely,...

Jagan November 28, 2019

Bills of Lading - Issues

We had written earlier both on release of cargo without Original Bills of Lading1...

Jagan October 31, 2019

General Average – Container Vessels

One of the common topics in all most all shipping conferences is on “Container...

Jagan October 11, 2019

Mis-declaration of cargoes - Penalties

We recently had an opportunity to share our thoughts on this subject at a...

Jagan August 30, 2019

Transport Operators Liability Cover

Presentation on Transport Operators Liability Cover - what is and what is not covered? given...

Jagan August 29, 2019

Fire Ahoy!

Presentation on "Fire Ahoy!"given at Disputes, Claims and Other Issues in Containerised Cargo Shipping, Multimodal...

Jagan August 29, 2019

Slow Steaming - Cargo Cover

The Centre for Maritime Law1, National University of Singapore regularly conducts seminars with speakers...

Jagan July 29, 2019

Ports & Terminal's Liability Insurance

Presentation given at Lloyd's Singapore on 10th July 2019 Marine Policies are taken by...

Jagan July 10, 2019