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Documentary Issues - COVID 19

Webinar conducted on 11th April 2020 by the Middle East Branch of the Institute...

Jagan April 11, 2020

Underinsurance - General Average in a Hull Policy

One of the topics examined in  the Fellowship examinations of the Association of Average...

Jagan March 27, 2020

Direct Container Loading / Delivery at Indian Ports

In a bid to decrease the logistical costs, Indian Customs directed the Terminals to...

Jagan March 20, 2020

Standard Trading Conditions - Time Bar & Limitation of Liability Clauses

In order to manage their liability exposures, Carriers and Logistics Service Providers (“LSP”) usually...

Jagan February 21, 2020

Force Majeure – Corona Virus

(gtag.js) The recent Wuhan Coronavirus will indeed be a stress test for many supply...

Jagan February 6, 2020

LC - Joker’s clause

Mr Ismail1 had earlier written on Seller's Interest Insurance and this is his secound...

admin December 9, 2019

Voyage Charters - Common Issues

This article focusses on some of the common issues faced in Voyage Charters, namely,...

Jagan November 28, 2019

Bills of Lading - Issues

We had written earlier both on release of cargo without Original Bills of Lading1...

Jagan October 31, 2019

General Average – Container Vessels

One of the common topics in all most all shipping conferences is on “Container...

Jagan October 11, 2019

Mis-declaration of cargoes - Penalties

We recently had an opportunity to share our thoughts on this subject at a...

Jagan August 30, 2019