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Slow Steaming - Cargo Cover

The Centre for Maritime Law1, National University of Singapore regularly conducts seminars with speakers...

Jagan July 29, 2019

Ports & Terminal's Liability Insurance

Presentation given at Lloyd's Singapore on 10th July 2019 Marine Policies are taken by...

Jagan July 10, 2019

Cargo Cover – Abnormal delay

Our last article on Salvage & General Average – Security Issues did not touch...

Jagan June 28, 2019

Salvage & General Average – Security Issues

We had the opportunity to meet Ms Joanne Waterfall of Roose + Partners earlier...

Jagan May 31, 2019

Cargo Cover - Value Protect & Serenity

It is always good practice to ensure that cargo is insured prior to inception...

Jagan April 29, 2019

Set Off's - Freight Forwarding Contracts

The English Courts in the recent case of Globalink Transportation and Logistics Worldwide LLP...

Jagan March 28, 2019

General Average - Cargo Interests

Given the recent spate of General Average Incidents arising due to container fires, we...

Jagan March 14, 2019

NVOCC – Contractual Issues

Specialisation has led parties in shipping also to focus on what they do best...

Jagan March 4, 2019

Mis-delivery of cargo – Time bar

The Hague and Hague Visby Rules invariably apply to Bills of Lading as provided...

Jagan January 31, 2019

Mis-declared cargo

Much has been written on this topic1and we do not wish to discuss the...

Jagan December 27, 2018