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Risk Management - Cargo Surveying

Presentation given at IIMS Dubai on 19 Sep 2016

Jagan September 21, 2016

Arbitration for Liner Shipping

Presentation was given in Seminar on "Interfacing Shipping & Services" organised by Institute of...

Jagan August 30, 2016

Arbitration for Liner Contracts - 2

This is a continuation of our earlier article (Arbitration for Liner Contracts) which argued...

Jagan August 20, 2016

Road Haulage Risks

Service Providers (Contractual Carriers and Freight Forwarders) may provide haulage services (Road/Rail or Water)...

Jagan July 29, 2016

Arbitration for Liner Contracts

Presentation given at ICS Middle East Branch on 18 Sep 2016 Download Now  

Jagan July 16, 2016

Mediation for Commercial Shipping Disputes

While businesses work certainly better without disputes, differences do arise leading to disputes. The...

Jagan June 27, 2016

Bills for Ladings for Dummies

Presentation given to the Singapore Branch of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers on 23 June...

Jagan June 27, 2016

Arbitration for Liner Contracts

Arbitration is invariably the default dispute resolution method for disputes arising under a Charterparty....

Jagan June 27, 2016

Variation of BIMCO Arbitration Clause & its effect

In a recent case (Shangang South – Asia (Hong Kong) Trading Co Ltd v...

Jagan April 28, 2016

Frustration and Force Majeure in Liner Contracts

This article focuses on frustration and force majeure provisions which may be available in...

Jagan April 20, 2016

Arbitrate Successfully

Presentation made at the 2nd Annual Conference on Legal Issues relating to Shipping and...

Jagan March 12, 2016

Electronic Bills of Lading (eB/L) – Part 2

We had earlier published an article on eB/L's in Sep 2014 and this is...

Jagan February 25, 2016

Indonesian Language Law and its effect in Shipping Contracts

In August 2015, the Indonesian Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the West Jakarta...

Jagan January 27, 2016

Unintended Consequences of the Indian MTGA 1993

This paper was presented at the All India Annual Conference on Risk & Marine...

Jagan December 22, 2015

Should Customer’s / Shipment Information be provided to 3rd parties?

Some of our clients were recently approached by independent 3rd parties (who assist their...

Jagan December 16, 2015

Arbitration for Small Claims

When parties are involved in negotiating shipping contracts such as charterparties, they often do...

Jagan November 23, 2015

GA & Salvage – Value of Containers – Part II

While writing the first part of this article in April 2015, we were under...

Jagan October 22, 2015

NVO’s Liability and Equipment cover - issues which may arise due to separate covers

Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers (“NVO”) may use their own equipment / containers for...

Jagan September 28, 2015

GA and Salvage Clause - What is its role in a Transport Liability Policy?

A Transport Liability Policy covers the legal and contractual liability of the Insured involved...

Jagan August 28, 2015

Seaworthiness of Containers

This article discusses on the duty of Container Operators to provide "seaworthy" containers and...

Jagan August 4, 2015

NVOCC / Contractual Carriers – Cargo Claims Defence (2nd Part)

This article discusses the issues faced by NVOCC's in the defence of cargo claims....

Jagan July 31, 2015

NVOCC / Contractual Carriers – Cargo Claims Defence (1st Part)

NVOCC would generally load their containers with feeder operators either on “use” or on...

Jagan July 6, 2015

House Bills of Lading – are they a cause for concern?

We recently read an article which mentioned that there were additional risks associated with...

Jagan May 26, 2015

Risk Management in the Shipping Industry

Presentation given at Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, Dubai on 11 May 2015 Download Now

Jagan May 18, 2015